Insights & Innovations

We share best practices, key insights and fresh innovations across ERGs and leadership circles. By facilitating these vital pieces of knowledge across companies, we consolidate and share ways to develop ERGs for everyone’s mutual benefit.

Strategic Consultation and Facilitation

ERGs require strategic guidance to develop and flourish. We leverage key experience, research-based data, best practices and executive advising across organizations toward strategic consultation, facilitation and training.

Leadership & Professional Development Training

In conjunction with our learning partners, we offer key leadership training programs that develop any professional, from staff to management. These programs have been applied to Fortune 500 –level organizations and can be customized for ERGs, but have a broad audience of any professional wanting to grow.

Speaker’s Bureau

The Upward Synergy Speaker’s Bureau gathers leading ERG Executive Champions, industry experts and core supporters as speakers. We will gladly work with your ERG or educational initiative to connect you with this core group of speakers.