ERG Effectiveness Benchmark

The ERG Effectiveness Index benchmarks their efforts across organizations. The Index includes demographics, but extends into the organizational effectiveness and results of ERGs, as well as stakeholder satisfaction and support.


The ERG ROI study measures the Return-On-Investment of ERGs in a quantifiable dollar amount. We employ research-based methodologies to derive these monetary figures, and ideally, demonstrate the value of ERGs to companies.

Tiered Leadership Index

The Tiered Leadership Index measures key leadership competencies based on the user’s appropriate management level (Senior Executive, Junior Executive, Middle Management and Staff). It ranks the competencies in order of importance and based on the user’s management level.

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Best Companies for ERGs Rankings

Upward Synergy, in partnership with California State University, Fullerton, is conducting a study to identify the Best Companies for ERGs. This study will identify the organizations that truly support ERGs, as well as the ERGs who shine with best practices and innovation.

360 Movement

The 360 Movement is a series of research-based studies that focus on self-perceptions of a specified group and compares those self-perceptions to the perceptions by those outside of the specified group. Think of a mass-scale 360 assessment, with an entire population sample as the central subject.