Our Mission:

Upward Synergy develops Employee Resource Group to augment their organization's business ROI.

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Why the Name "Upward Synergy"?

  1. An erg is a unit of energy.
  2. Multiple ergs converge to generate synergy.
  3. Like ergs, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) converge across organizations to create upward synergy.
  • Executive Circle
  • Research
  • Guidance


Executive Advisory Board

Our Executive Advisory Board features an invitation-only group of high-level executives from major organizations. These esteemed Advisors guide the strategic direction of Upward Synergy and provide valuable counsel on our major initiatives.

Expectations & Roles:

  • The board guides the strategic direction and unique brand of Upward Synergy.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to talent development as an ERG executive champion.
  • Support Upward Synergy in two or more of the following ways:
    • Advise research and learning initiatives as part of an Executive Advisory Board subcommittee.
    • Attend our annual exclusive Executive Circle strategic planning session and National ERG Summit.
    • Present as part of our Speaker's Bureau and Faculty.
    • Contribute monetarily towards sponsorship, conferences, core research or learning services.
    • Designate three or more representatives to attend our annual National ERG Summit.


About CREW:

The Center for Research on Employment and the Workforce (CREW) is operated by the Career Center at Cal State Fullerton in order to collect, analyze and disseminate information about issues and trends that are reshaping the professional opportunities of our graduates and the behavior of our employing organizations.

Issues and trends include:

  • Diversity
  • Globalization
  • Generational Issues
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Impact of Emerging Technology

These issues are quickly impacting hiring requirements, organizational expectations, and business opportunities at a rapidly accelerating pace.

Current Projects and Recent Publications by CREW:

Generational Research

Investigating Employer Needs and Perceptions


For more information on CREW, visit: http://www.fullerton.edu/crew



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